Hey Macklemore, Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket. I’m-I’m huntin’ looking for a come up, this is fucking awesome.”

I’ve been a fan of thrifting long before Macklemore & Ryan Lewis rapped about it on their huge hit Thrift Shop.  I love thrifting; it gives me a rush.  The thought of finding a diamond in the rough, making someone else’s trash a brand new fashionable treasure, and of course paying next to nothing for a great piece makes it all worth it. I usually thrift for clothing and accessories, but have been known to pick up quirky pieces of artwork and furniture from time to time.

Although I’ve been to my fair share of thrift shops in Queens (The Salvation Army), Long Island (The Salvation Army), Manhattan (Cheap Jack’s, Stella Dallas NYC, and The Family Jewels), and Buffalo (Amvet’s & The Salvation Army), I’d never gone to one in Brooklyn, until two weeks ago.

I was in downtown Brooklyn on a sunny Saturday morning coming from a doctor’s appointment when my cousin (and Clinton Hill resident) called me up to see if I wanted to escort her to a thrift shop in my neighborhood.  Of course I did, I’m always up for a good thrifting excursion.  We met in Clinton Hill then made our way to the Stuy (via the Q38 bus).   We got off @ Malcolm X & Lafayette and proceeded to walk to Brand Hunters, a thrifting/consignment store, located at 1083 Broadway.  I’d been following this particular thrift shop on Instagram, but didn’t realize they were walking distance from my apartment.

Brand Hunters Thrift Store #BedStuy
Brand Hunters Thrift Store #BedStuy

The shop was cool, I dug the variety for both men and women (although there were way more options for the ladies – not that I was complaining).  I noticed a nice mixture of pumps, boots, hats, accessories, and several racks of clothing.  We tried on several pieces and wound up leaving very happy with our respective purchases.

The initial reason for our trip to Brand Hunters was for my cousin to purchase a pair of royal purple suede booties (by Urban Outfitters).  To her dismay, the hue of the booties didn’t match that of the Instagram photo – they were more of a weird navy blue/purplish color than the royal purple color she’d seen on the aforementioned social media site.  She wound up passing on them not only because of the color, but also because they were about a half size too big.  Instead of the boots, she scored a pair of beautiful canary yellow Marc Jacobs peep toe pumps with a dainty butterfly embellishment, price tag: $40.

#Thrifted Marc Jacobs Peep Toes & my cousin
#Thrifted Marc Jacobs Peep Toes & my cousin (always smiling)

As for me, I wound up finding a few hidden gems.  First up, my favorite find of the day, a Zara Woman blush pink blazer, price tag $15.  I was able to haggle the price down to $10 due to makeup (either concealer or foundation) on the right lapel and near the left pocket.  My next piece was a lovely navy blue ankle length maxi dress with a tasteful split in the front, price tag $12.  To compliment the dress I found a charming neck scarf with paisley print in navy blue, cream, and marigold, price tag $2.  My last piece of the day was a DOPE black floppy felt fall/winter hat (by H&M) , price tag, $10.  Grand total $34.  Not too shabby huh?

I dropped the blazer and dress off to the neighborhood cleaners and was very pleased with  the outcome, my “new” clothes looked great.  The makeup was removed from the blazer and each piece looked brand new.   I plan to hand wash the scarf and wear it as a headwrap with the maxi dress.  The hat has been worn a few times, as it goes with everything! It effortlessly ties any look together, adds funk, and is very warm. Check out my pics below and let me know what you think!

Fav find! Zara Woman blazer.  I wore this piece with black Zara winter shorts, black opaque tights, a black cami, black suede & leather booties, with an old cameo brooch I had in my accessory draw.
Fav find! Here  I am partying in my #thrifted Zara Woman blazer. I paired this piece with black Zara winter shorts, black opaque tights, a black camisole, black suede & leather booties, and an opulent black & gray cameo brooch
The maxi dress & chic paisley scarf
The navy blue maxi dress & chic paisley scarf.  I paired this ensemble with a skinny cognac colored leather belt with bronze studs
The hat - worn yesterday to my gf's baby shower @ The Bourbon Street Bar & Grille on Restaurant Row in #NYC - http://www.bourbonny.com/News
The hat – worn yesterday to my girlfriend”s baby shower @ The Bourbon Street Bar & Grille on Restaurant Row in #NYC – http://www.bourbonny.com/News

In addition to Brand Hunters, I have my eye on a few other thrift shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan.   I’ll be sure to post more pics and outfit ideas from my visits to Brand Hunters and the thrift shops listed below – stay tuned!

Thrift Shops on my “To Visit” List

Stella Dallas NYC (Williamsburg): http://www.yelp.com/biz/stella-dallas-living-brooklyn

Beacon’s Closet (Williamsburg, Park Slope & The Village): http://www.yelp.com/biz/tokio-7-new-york

Crossroads Trading Co. (Williamsburg): http://www.yelp.com/biz/crossroads-trading-co-brooklyn#query:beacon%27s%20closet

Tokio 7 (East Village): http://www.yelp.com/biz/tokio-7-new-york

No Relation Vintage (East Village): http://www.yelp.com/biz/no-relation-vintage-new-york

Until next time friends!

– PenniePenz


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