What a Good I(K)EA!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years of your life you probably know what IKEA is.  If not, allow me to put you on.  IKEA (http://www.ikea.com/) is a wonderland of moderately priced ready-to-assemble furniture, home appliances, and home goods for every room in your home/apartment.  The name is an acronym for the Swedish founder (Ingvar Kamprad) and his hometown roots: Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd (the founder’s hometown in Smaland, Sweden).  

I’ve been a IKEA fan for well over ten years because of the great pieces that I find during my visits to the store.  While residing in Queens I frequented the IKEA in Hicksville, LI – as this was the closest location to me.  However, now that I’m a Brooklyn resident I figured it was high time I venture out to a much closer location, so I did.  I went to the IKEA in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn for the first time yesterday.

I held off going for so long because I thought the commute would be too arduous.  I envisioned several trains and/or buses coupled with an expensive cab ride home to transport all of my new IKEA finds, but I was wrong.  One of my girlfriends told me about a FREE shuttle service offered by the Red Hook IKEA location.   To say that I was happier than a hog in shit is an understatement!  I am a self-proclaimed IKEA heaux that lives for finding financially frugal quality pieces to add flair to my living quarters.

Getting There

My commute consisted of a short bus ride to downtown BK; I took the B38 bus as it’s near my house (you can take any downtown bus) to the corner of Court and Jarolemon – directly across the street from the Brooklyn Municipal Building (located at 210 Jarolemon street).  The B38 dropped me off  at the exact location that the IKEA shuttle does it’s pick ups and drop offs.  After meeting up with my girlfriend (IKEA shopping is always better with a friend) we waited for a shuttle together.  It appeared that we just missed one so we waited a few minutes for the next shuttle to come.

Shuttle service operates daily from 11:00 am – 10:10 pm and comes every 30 minutes.  If this location does not work for you, there are alternate shuttle pick up/drop off locations.  Not only can you get to the Red Hook location by bus, but you can also get there by water! Click here for shuttle deets –> http://info.ikea-usa.com/Brooklyn/StoreDirections.aspx.

The shuttle buses vary in size; you don’t know what size bus you will ride until it arrives.   The shuttle that I rode to and from IKEA on was clean, comfortable and small (it seated about 18 people) and transported us to and from IKEA in about 15 minutes.

#RedHook #Ikea - Located at 1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
#RedHook #Ikea – 1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 – This IKEA location is surrounded by water.  You can have lunch outside or simply take a walk at your leisure before or after shopping.

First Stop, IKEA Marketplace

There’s nothing worse than going shopping hungry!  Luckily IKEA not only caters to your eye with aesthetically pleasing furnishings and home goods, but they also cater to your palate with a slew of  menu options.  Might I add, everything is really good!  Check out the menu options here –> http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/food/

On line waiting to purchase my food. Ikea patrons dined on Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, soup, salmon, healthy wraps, salads, and other menu items
Caught this quick shot while in line waiting to purchase my lunch.  These patrons indulged in Swedish meatballs  with mashed potatoes & cranberry jelly, soup, salmon, healthy wraps, and salads.


Why was the food so good though?  Chicken fingers with mashed potatoes, a Mott's Apple Juicebox to wash my meal down and a slice of tiramisu for dessert
I opted for chicken fingers with mashed potatoes & gravy, a Mott’s apple juice box, and a slice of tiramisu for dessert


That Tiramisu though.... This was THE best part of my visit today (I'm so greedy)!  This dessert was rich yet light, subtle coffee and vanilla flavors in an effortless harmonious fushion
That Tiramisu though…. This was THE best part of my visit today (I’m so greedy)! This dessert was rich yet light; the coffee & vanilla flavors danced on my tastebuds in an effortless harmonious fusion!

Let the Shopping Begin!

The store can be overwhelming your first time in because there is so much to take in.  However, IKEA does a great job of categorizing their merchandise and uses bright easy to read signs and arrows on the ground to navigate you around the store seamlessly.

For your shopping convenience you can use a shopping cart, a yellow reusable bag, or one of the other push carts they have for patrons.

Hmmmm, where should I go first?
Hmmmm, where should I go first?
I just found THE best mirror - I can hardly contain my excitement!
I just found THE best mirror – I can hardly contain my excitement!

 My IKEA Finds

The mirror behind my smile.... I just spied this mirror on display.  About to go grab it and  repurpose it into something even more fabulous! Mirror Deets: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40213759/
The mirror behind my smile….   UNG DRILL MIRROR – I plan to repurpose it into something even more fabulous!  DIY/DECOR post to come soon :).
Mirror Deets: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40213759/

In addition to this dope ass mirror I purchased a few items for my kitchen and bedroom.  You’ll get a sneak peak of these pieces when I post the details of one of my latest DIY/Decor projects.

What I Wore

Before heading to checkout my shopping companion snapped a quick shot of me to catch my outfit.  I try to keep it comfortable and relaxed/tomboy-esque when shopping or running errands because I love to feminize masculine pieces.  Why?  Well, it’s quite simple – I think it’s incredibly sexy for a woman to wear unexpected articles of clothing and make it work for her shape in an unconventional manner.

Easy like Sunday Morning....
Easy like Sunday Morning….


I purchased this jacket last September after admiring it on a woman sitting nearby on F train on evening.  What I liked the most about this woman’s ensemble was that she paired this jacket with a cream lace dress and strappy black sandals.   I liked the way she used the camo jacket to effortlessly dress down her ultra girly look because it was something that I would do.  I stared at her like she was a dead carcass and I, a vulture.  After two stops I went in for the kill; I complimented her look then asked her where she purchased the piece from.  She graciously informed me that she’d recently bought it from Urban Outfitters so I went to buy it the very next day.  To my surprise I discovered that the jacket was on sale for $50!  I purchased the jacket in a medium because I wanted it to look baggy enough to be dressed down, but small enough to show my shape.  Unfortunately, this jacket is no longer available (http://reviews.urbanoutfitters.com/5309/25445776/ecote-oversized-surplus-jacket-reviews/reviews.htm) so I have a few alternate options for you:

Option 1 –> http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?catId=cat410135&productId=1383_1784_969&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=35-202838493-2&cid=AE_PLA_3370156

Option 2 –>  http://www.jcpenney.com/coats/coffee-shop-drawstring-waist-camo-jacket/prod.jump?ppId=pp5003191080&selectedSKUId=26310070059&selectedLotId=2631007&ppId=pp5003191080&fromBag=true&cm_mmc=ShoppingFeed-_-GooglePLA-_-All-weather%20Coats-_-26310070059&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=26310070059&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=GooglePLA&utm_campaign=All-weather%20Coats&utm_content=26310070059&cvosrc=cse.google.26310070059&cvo_cid=39874302338

Option 3 –> http://www.amazon.com/Carhartt-Womens-Ripstop-Utility-Jacket/dp/B00FS1PJ20/ref=sr_1_41?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1399265962&sr=1-41&keywords=camo+jacket+women


I love a good oxford.  They’re structured, comfortable, and go with everything from jeans to a mini skirt.  I purchased my metallic gold Oxfords last August from ASOS.com on sale (for under $40), but these babies are no longer available ( http://us.asos.com/London-Rebel-Flat-Brogue/10y4q2/?iid=3007368&r=1&mk=VOID&mporgp=L0xvbmRvbi1SZWJlbC9Mb25kb24tUmViZWwtRmxhdC1Ccm9ndWUvUHJvZC8.), sorry. No fret, I posted some alternatives for you to check out.  It appears that the Sam Edelman gold Oxfords were amongst the most popular in my search, but those seems to be just about sold out everywhere (but I found a place that still has them!):

Option 1 –>http://www.designerclothingforsale.info/1001-discount-sam-edelman-jerome-oxford-flat-women-effegi-gold-same-wz302.html If that doesn’t work for you try these budget friendly options instead

Option 2 –> http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_054VA52424612P

Option 3 –> http://what-is-fashion.com/womens-shoes-fashion/1300-womens-celebrity-street-looks-lace-up-stitch-glitter-flat-oxford-gold-colors.html

Crossbody Bag:

When I run my errands I like to keep my hands free and gravitate towards crossbody purses so I can put my things securely in them and not worry about anything on my shoulders.  I purchased this particular purse from H&M about two months ago.  Again, it looks like this cognac faux leather bag is sold out, but I found some great alternatives:

Option 1 (I actually have this purse as well) –> http://www.hm.com/us/product/26836?article=26836-A

Option 2 –> http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=acc_handbags-crossbody-bag&ProductID=1000063598&VariantID

Option 3  –>http://us.asos.com/Aldo-Leeton-Fringe-Cross-Body/139v63/?iid=4040482&cid=15121&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Camel&mporgp=L0FMRE8vQUxETy1MZWV0b24tRnJpbmdlLUNyb3NzLUJvZHkvUHJvZC8


If you opt to wear jeans with your oxfords I strongly recommend a pair of skinny jeans so you can cuff them and look casual yet chic.  I purchased the jeans in this picture four years ago from Express.  They’re no longer available, but these options are:

Option 1–>http://www.express.com/clothing/mia+destroyed+jean+legging/pro/7015706/cat430020

Option 2 –>http://www.express.com/clothing/mia+cropped+rolled+jean+legging/pro/6996064/cat430020

Option 3 –> http://http://www.express.com/clothing/stella+destroyed+jean+legging/pro/9445405/cat430020

Welp, that’s it.  I’m off to go use some unicorn magic on of my DIY projects, stay tuned 🙂

Until Next Time Friends,





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