Single Girl Sh*t: Cuisine


I started to cook myself a a nice meal the other night.  I had a hankering for fried basa fillet (one of my favorite pieces of fish) so I thawed a piece out as I had every intention of cleaning it, seasoning it, and frying it in a cornmeal/panko breading.   I was going to pair it with plain cous cous prepared in organic chicken stock, and garlic sauteed string beans –  but that never happened.  I walked into my kitchen, stood over my sink and asked myself a question.  “Do I really feel like standing over a stove to cook that shit?”  In the words of  Ms. Sophia in The Color Purple, “HELL NO!”

This is typical.  I don’t mind cooking the meal as I love to cook (and am quite good at it).  The hard part is sitting down alone to consume it.  You don’t experience the same joy as cooking for someone, you know?

The other night I had about 20 Snyder’s Honey Mustard & Onion pretzel nibblers with two Quaker’s chocolate chip granola bars for dinner.  I washed that dinner down with strawberry-cucumber infused water.  I ate that meal with great satisfaction (and pride) while sprawling across my loveseat as I watched television.

A few days prior to that I feasted on two milk chocolate and almond ice cream bars with a mango on the side.   A few days before that, Red Solo Cup of  Mott’s applesauce for dinner.

Apparently I’m not the only bachelorette doing this.  My fellow Brooklyn girlfriend has been known to eat an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers for lunch and dinner.  Why?  The better question is why not?   I’ve done the same thing, except I indulge in Keebler’s buttery Club Carr’s Rosemary crackers) and cracker barrel cheddar or fromage d’affinois cheese.  That’s bad, all that cheese is no good for me, I know – but it tastes so damn good!

Thank God for good genes because I’d be one major fat ass right now.

With the summer upon us, I can see this trend continuing.  It’s going to be too hot and too laborious to go threw the motion of cooking myself extravagant meals for dinner. I’ll be feasting on salads, fruits, and icees like a BAWSE.

Where are my single girls?  What unconventional meals have you classified as “dinner”?


2 thoughts on “Single Girl Sh*t: Cuisine

  1. I don’t even cook for myself because I am too busy….think of being single as a good thing. Blame society for the “dating industry”. Our society is always trying to promote relationships when in reality, sometimes we need time to appreciate our own company for a good chunk of time. YOU ARE STILL SOO YOUNG! 🙂

    1. I hear that cupcakequeen I couldn’t agree with you more! Societal norms cause pressure and angst – something I definitely do not need in my life right now. Aww thanks, I have my moments when I feel as young as I look and I also have those moments where I swear my biological clock is ticking as loudly as the heart in Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Tell Tale Heart”. This last year and a half of “singledom” has given me solitude and a moment of clarity that I’ve never experienced in my life. I am indeed appreciative of my own company and find myself going on more and more solo excursions because I’m enough 🙂

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