Conversation >>>Textversation

Texting defines a conversation as “a formal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy.”  In contrast, a textversation is defined as “a lengthy conversation mediated through text messaging that usually involves a successive exchange of text messages within a short time frame.”

I’ve noticed a new trend in the dating scene – the highly revered intellectual and mind stimulating conversation has taken a back seat to the instantly gratifying, lackluster, unstimulating textversation.  I think I missed the memo.  When did it become acceptable to get acquainted with someone via textversation instead of conversation?

In the last few months I’ve  met my fair share of dudes that have expressed interest in me, and I them.   Like most women, my initial outlook on meeting a new man is good.  I envision dating, courtships, first kisses, and long drawn out conversations in which we exchange detailed information about each other.  While I envision the aforementioned things, it seems that these dudes have other things in mind.

Instead of engaging in conversations these clowns choose to text me to the point that I become highly annoyed.  Why? Because the texting phenomenon has exacerbated laziness.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, textversations allow you to realize just how much the art of conversation has diminished.

A frequent phrase used amongst textversationalists is “LOL” (an acronym for “laughing out loud”).   I’m TIRED of reading ‘LOL’  when nothing is FUCKING funny!  I highly doubt that the person texting “LOL” is actually laughing hysterically when they use the phrase. I’ve never understood the uncomfortable letter placement and instead have always viewed it as a nervous filler due to a weak vocabulary.

Textversations tend to start off sweet with early morning greetings and well wishes – “good morning” or “hope you have a good day” then transition into afternoon check-ins (“how’s your day going”, “how was work”) and evening messages (“what are you having for dinner” or “I hope you have a good night”).  Before you know it, you’ve developed a textationship Screenshot_2014-05-13-16-33-13-1– a relationship confined to texting.  The person that you’ve been engaging in textversations with has no intention of seeing you again – ever).

It’s hard to detect whether you’re dealing with a serial textversationalist or an incredibly busy person that would rather send you quick messages in between their daily tasks.  However, once you’re exposed to one, you can easily decipher a textversationlist from a conversationalist.

For me, I noticed that the thoughtful early morning greetings didn’t lead to phone calls.  Instead, they lead to more texts throughout the day. “What kind of things are you into?”, “what do you do for a living?”, “where do you live?”, etc.  This line of questioning usually got shut down after one day.  I typically express my disdain for repetitive texting and nip that lazy shit in the bud and I never hear from them again.

I guess I’m still learning the rules.  Maybe I should allow more than one day of textversation to go by before I call a potential love interest to let him know that I’d rather hear their voice instead of engaging in weak ass textversations.   Perhaps I should get with the times and accept the fact that textversations are the new norm.  I’ll work on it, but I’m still an old fashioned girl that prefers a conversation over a textversation any day.

Until next time friends




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