And Then There Was That Time… That I Did Talk Radio


Taboo Talk

I was invited to be a guest on the talk radio show Taboo Talk in April of this year.  I was flattered that my blog post was slated to be a topic of discussion.  In particular, the man that seemed to be a major conversation starter, “The Groupon Don”.

It was a bit nerve wrecking to be on the show because I knew that there would be listeners chiming in to either agree or disagree with my points of view.  In addition to the listeners I had to hold my own with the Taboo Talk crew, and that was no small feat.  Each personality added to the dynamic of the show – making it an enjoyable, fun, and thought provoking hour or talk radio.  Shout out to Ms. Africa Blaque, Ms. LuvJuice, Jay-O, and Fred for the opportunity!  Check them out on Facebook here:

You can catch my feature here (fast forward to 23:18 or just tune in and enjoy the show in it’s entirety)!  I had A BALL!!!!!

In advance I apologize for the technical difficulties – oops – (they pretty much subside at the 28:09 mark)!


Until next time friends!

~Pennie Penz


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