UIB Eats: Habana Outpost & Brooklyn Moon

It looks like things are moving along quite smoothly with Thai & I.  Date #2 (read about date #1 here –>https://unicorninbrooklyn.com/2014/06/11/was-i-just-stood-up/) took place this past Sunday.  I proposed a BK meetup this time around since the weather was lovely and I knew he had plans to be in my borough earlier in the day for a prior engagement.  I suggested we meet at Habana Outpost (A quaint eco-friendly restaurant located in Fort Greene –> http://www.habanaoutpost.com/locations/location/habana-outpost known for their Mexican & Cuban cuisine, bangin’ frozen mojitos & margaritas,Habana Drinks

and bomb ass grilled corn


 to take part in Free Movie Sunday (in which they show free movies every Sunday at 8:00 pm outside in the couryard  (click here for a full 2014 summer schedule –> http://www.bkmag.com/2014/05/05/habana-outpost-releases-list-of-summer-movie-screenings/).

Habana Movies(First things first, I’m not sure when they entire HOOD discovered Habana, but they have taken over.  Upon my arrival I had to wait in a long line to gain access (lucky for me, Thai was already seated outside in the courtyard awaiting my arrival and securing my seat).  After about 15 minutes I was granted access into the restaurant and made my way outside to greet him.  We chatted for a bit, before he went inside to get us a round of drinks (a frozen mojito/margarita mix).  I sat there in amazement for about 10 minutes taking the ambiance in.  I felt like I was on the set of a music video; large groups of people profiling in shades and club attire, taking pictures left and right.  This wasn’t the Habana Outpost that I fell in love with some eight years ago.  Anyway, I digress.

We shared jokes, enjoyed conversation, and sipped our respective drinks until the movie started (it was slated to start at 8:00, but didn’t start until around 9:30).  We didn’t stay for the entire movie because it was on the late side and I was incredibly hungry.  You would think that I would’ve ordered a burrito or the corn that I raved about, but no – the lines were insane and I didn’t feel like waiting.   After seeing one my favorite scenes (Sexual Chocolate’s performance), we made our way out of the courtyard and up the block to look for a bite to eat.

BK Moon
Brooklyn Moon –> http://www.yelp.com/biz/brooklyn-moon-cafe-brooklyn?fsid=pH7G1zENwK2-ZmWzlIrKJg

I was missing Night of the Cooker’s (a delicious Soul Food restaurant located steps from Habana Outpost) something serious because their food was always on the money.  However, they’ve been closed for years, so they weren’t an option.  To my surprise Brooklyn Moon Cafe (a Southern/Caribbean eatery) was open.   It was a surprise because this restaurant is the epitome of temperamental – they’re hours of business are a mystery; open one day, closed the next without any rhyme or reason.

I can sum my dining experience up in five words – “Vamoose you’re wack to me…” – Flavor In Your Ear Remix, The Notorious BIG.  Their  food was flavorless!!!  Let me explain just how flavorless it was along with my dining experience.

As soon we walked through the doors we were informed by the hostess that the kitchen would be closing soon so we were urged to place our order asap.  Rush much?  That caught me off guard and made me feel pressured to order as quickly as possible.  Since Thai had eaten earlier in the evening he passed on ordering anything to eat.  I placed an order for two appetizers and a drink – crab cakes, spicy shrimp, and a red rum cocktail.

 The cocktail was wack (it was supposed to be a medley or red wine, peaches and mango, but the only thing I tasted was the disgustingly bitter red wine) so I sent it back and opted to sip on my water instead.  Now for the food: The crab cakes were flavorLESS and the appearance was the opposite of appetizing.  I received two balls (their version of a crab cake) that looked like elephant dung atop a bed of wilted mesclun.  Instead of pairing the appetizer with remoulade sauce, they served it with a bland tartar sauce (ummm, who does that)?  The spicy shrimp was the best of the two appetizers, as it looked appetizing and tasted fresh.  Although it was filling, it was also flavorLESS.  Nothing wrong with a lil’ spice to a meal, but how about seasoning the seafood first?

 I would try this restaurant again though because the wait staff was incredibly attentive and the venue was very clean.  Let’s see if they can get it right next time (that is if they’re open on the day I go, smh).


Until next time friends!

~Pennie Penz


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