Vanilla Chai Memories

I don’t usually dabble in poetry, but sometimes I get the urge to express my feelings in a poetic way.

While cleaning out one of my old shoeboxes (full of old cards, notebooks, and pictures) I came across one of the poems I wrote as I reminisced about him – an old  chocolate flavored boyfriend.  I smile as I think about him.  Sometimes people come into our lives for different reasons – I believe he came into mine to solidify my love for Brooklyn.


Nostalgic memories of happier times corrupted my mind last night// The burning vanilla chai scented candle tickled my nose as it provided ambient lighting for our first time// Intense gazes shared as our lips engaged in wordless conversations// Nude shadows magnified on bedroom walls// Bushwick ignited a passion unfamiliar to me// The mental wanted this, the physical needed this// Expectations exceeded// lacrimal glands secreted haphazard tears of ecstasy// Titillating touches were pre-meditated – we wanted this since the initial hello// The mental desired this, the physical craved this// An audible gasp in anticipation of entry// Access granted// Unfathomable pleasure//  Time slowed down – tick… tock… tick… tock…// Time stopped// Soft moans escaped my lips repetitively// Sensual responses delivered incessantly// Continuous thrusts rendered me helpless// Full body convulsions did the talking // Peace be still//  Nostalgic memories of sensual encounters corrupted my mind last night// Vanilla chai scented candles intoxicated me with embracing aromas// Brooklyn, I think I’m home


Until next time friends!

~Pennie Penz


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