UIB Eats: Chai Thai

Who doesn’t love Thai food?  I know I do – it’s cheap, fresh, and extremely flavorful.

After an evening thrifting excursion with my sis to one of my favorite thrift stores in Williamsburg, Crossroads (see read about a previous visit to this store and check out some of my finds here –> https://unicorninbrooklyn.com/2014/05/10/see-you-at-the-crossroads/) we walked around the area in search of a cozy place to grab some drinks and a nice meal.  We didn’t have to go far – we stumbled upon a  Thai restaurant on the corner of N6th & Berry, Chai Thai.

View of Chai Thai from outside
View of Chai Thai from outside

Chai Thai (http://www.chai-restaurant.com/wp/) is a quaint dual-level restaurant with rustic ambiance.  What caught my eye was the illuminated bar, the pond with lotus flowers, and the empty gold cage with candles – all visible from the outside.  I loved the usage of dark colored wood, soft lighting, and fresh flowers throughout the eatery.

After about a ten minute wait, the hostess told us that our table was ready on the upper level.  We made our way up the the narrow  staircase (also illuminated) to the second floor to be seated.  To my delight, we were greeted by a server as soon as we reached the top and led to a cozy corner table (made of dark aged & polished wood).  The ambiance upstairs was just as lovely as it was downstairs, except it was a lot more spacious.  Unlike the lower level, there was an abundance of windows that surrounded the diners.  They were slightly ajar – great for taking in the view of the neighborhood and enjoying the weather.

We started our meal off with cocktails – I opted for the “Liquid passion” (a medley of passion fruit puree and champagne) and my sister had the “Lemongrass Sparkletini” (a zesty combination of lemongrass infused vodka, cranberry juice, lemon sour, and champagne).  A quick toast and we sipped the libations.  DELICIOUSLY blended!  Cold, refreshing, and a perfect balance of alcohol with fruit juice/puree.  I appreciate a drink that tastes as if there are no traces of alcohol as it sneakily gives me a subtle buzz.

Onto the main course.  We shared a hankering for fish, so we scrutinized the seafood options (which were plentiful might I add) on the menu.  I ordered the Pla Sam Rod – crispy whole red snapper with sweet & sour chilli sauce.  Although the fish was prepared superbly – not too hard and packed with flavor, I grew sick of the sauce.  It was nice initially, but after awhile it began to taste too sweet and I opted to take the remainder home so I could take the excess sauce off.

Pla Sam Rod
Pla Sam Rod

My sister’s fish selection was much better.  She ordered the Pla Ginger – crispy whole red snapper topped with ginger, scallions, and mushrooms in a brown sauce.   I have no idea what that brown sauce is made of, but I think it had a little crack in it (because I was immediately addicted).  I abandoned my dish and picked at my sister’s plate because I couldn’t get enough.  The vegetables were incredibly fresh and flavorful.  When I return I will be ordering that dish.

Pla Ginger

As you can see the size of both pieces of fish were huge – enough for two sittings!  What made this meal even better was the price; each meal was $18.00.  In total we spent less than $30 for a satisfying meal with leftovers for the next day.

En route to the car I spied a doorway ridden with graffiti and stickers – the perfect photo op (you know how much I love those)!   We stopped for a few shots and enjoyed the cool evening winds.

No idea what I was looking at, but I ❤ a candid shot
Sissy poo & I

The next time you’re in Williamsburg (or Billyburg as the locals call it) give Chai Thai a try!


Until Next Time Friends!

Pennie Penz


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