UIB Eats: Bati

“Commence to ripping and dipping everyone…” The Simpsons

No forks, no knives, no problem! The cab pulled up to 747 Fulton Street at around 5:30 pm last Sunday.  “Thai” (read about his background here –>  https://unicorninbrooklyn.com/2014/06/11/was-i-just-stood-up/ – and and in subsequent blog posts under the “dating” category) had already arrived and was seated in the window sipping a cup of sangria.


Bati kitchen (http://www.batikitchen.com/), an Ethiopian reastaurant located in the Fort Greene Section of Brooklyn was the restaurant of choice (Thai’s pick) for date #4.  I exited the cab clad in a black tank top, a black & white fitted stripped knee length pencil skirt, a sexy pair of 3″ black leather sandals, and my newest thrifted find – a fabulous, opulent, Zara statement bib necklace (thrifted from Brand Hunters for $20 – read more about this thrift store here –> https://unicorninbrooklyn.com/2014/02/24/hey-macklemore-can-we-go-thrift-shopping/)

Taking in sites of Bed Stuy - En route to Bati
I love my neighborhood (Bed Stuy) –  My fab necklace & I en route to Bati Kitchen




Cheese! I used a lil MAC Freshwater eyeshadow to bring out the royal blue (my favorite color) of my necklace
Cheese! I used a lil MAC Freshwater eyeshadow to bring out the royal blue (my favorite color) of my necklace










I walked through the doors and Thai stood up to greet me – we gave each other a kiss on the cheek and embraced in a hug.  The hostess/server, Julia, immediately came over to greet me and offer me a drink.  I opted for the sangria (which I recommend during your visit – it’s refreshingly light and fruity, full of pineapples, pears, and papaya) and took in the decor of the restaurant.

The ambiance of Bati was simple, quaint, and immaculate – exposed brick walls, African artwork, a small chalkboard (with a inspirational quote) atop a wooden shelf with small tchotchkes, and about 8 – 10 small wooden tables.

Julia  bought my glass of sangria along with a plate of kategna, toasted triangles of injera brushed with berbere & kibe.  I was excited to feast on Ethiopian cuisine as I’ve never done so.  I didn’t know what to expect when I pinched off a piece of kategna to eat.  I found it to be a tad spicy, soft, and delicious.  So far so good.  We placed our orders and were informed that dinner was communal – meaning our food would be combined on one plate and we’d share the contents of that plate, without the assistance of eating utensils.  No problem! I have a very adventurous palate and am always up for trying something new.

Our food arrived on a silver platter (I know right, an actual silver platter) and I thought it looked delicious.  I was a bit apprehensive to eat with my hands on a date (how can you be cute and dainty while eating without a fork or knife), but Thai & I dug right in.  We feasted on lamb (ye beg alicha lamb in a mild turmeric sauce & ye beg tibs lamb sauteed in several spices), lentils (missir wett – berbere stewed split lentils), chick peas (shiro – ground chick peas in a thick sauce), vegetables (gomen – finely chopped collard greens with garlic & ginger and tikil gomen green cabbage seasoned with garlic & ginger), and injera – flat bread made from teff flour loaded with protein, calcium, iron, and fiber.

Bati cuisine
Bati cuisine

Everything was delicious.  You hear me? EVERYTHING.  I found the injera bread to be incredibly light and moist (Julia served additional injera to us and the other patrons as they enjoyed their meals. Upon request she served it out of a straw hat looking holder with forceps).  The lamb (especially the ye beg alicha – which was bone in lamb) was incredibly tender.  The cabbage & collard greens were seasoned to perfection, I couldn’t get enough.  The lentils were a joy to my taste buds; I’m not usually a fan of lentils, but the taste of these lentils made me an instant fan.  They were slightly spicy and packed with flavor.  The chick peas were really good, but I wouldn’t put it in my “favorite” category.

Thai & I ate everything on the platter and felt satisfied – not full, but satisfied.  That’s the way dining should be – one should feel like they enjoyed a very flavorful meal without feeling like stuffed or bloated.

We ordered another round of sangria, engaged in conversation and looked at pedestrians as they walked by.  With a quick change of my high-heeled sandals into my flat black t-strap sandals we set out to walk over to the Barclays Center for the New Edition concert.  I was excited about going to the Barclays because it was the first time for both of us and about the fact that we were going to see New Edition (who didn’t grow up on their music and love this group?).

What made this concert that much more special was that Thai surprised me with tickets.  A few weeks ago I posted “I want to see New Edition at the Barclays, who wants to go with?” to my Facebook page with hopes that a friend or two would agree to come with me.  Little did I know that Thai would surprise me with tickets to the show.  Major cool points, I appreciate a man that takes initiative and pays attention to the little things.

The concert was dope, Joe (the opening act) and New Edition did NOT disappoint!  These men sounded great live, their dance moves were tight, and their energy was high the entire show.  My favorite moment of the concert was when the group closed out the show with my favorite song (If It Isn’t Love) and Thai joined me (and followed suit) as I stood up to do the old school dances from the video.

Things are going good.  I have no expectations, I’m just enjoying the ride and Thai’s company.  I find myself thinking about him more and more and I like the feeling.


Until next time friends!

Pennie Penz



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