From Drab to Fab

I decided to use to turn my bland wall (the wall opposite the entrance to my apartment) into a wall of artwork.  I knew that I wanted to keep it as inexpensive as possible because decor shouldn’t cost you and arm and a leg.  Here’s what I did.

 I created a “Keep Calm…” sign ( Keep Calm You Live in Brooklyn) when the “Keep Calm” phenomenon was big (in early spring of last year – also around the time that I signed the lease to my very first solo apartment in Bed Stuy) and printed it out on high gloss paper at work.  I then placed it in a framed it in a frame I purchased from Target.

Create your very own “Keep Calm” sign here for free!  –>

I don’t recall the exact frame used, but you can find a similar look here –>


 Next up, my newest and favorite piece – an “I Love You” 3-D picture.  What I love the most about this 3-D pop art is that it reminds me of my love for writing (peep the old school typewriter).  This piece was purchased from IKEA for $12.99 –>


 My next piece is a custom made animation created by cousin (a graphic designer).  I’ve had this picture for over 7 years, but never framed it, until Friday.  I framed this 8 1/2 ” x 11″ picture in a $1.99 IKEA NYTTJA frame –>


Here’s the original photo that she used to create this animated picture:

I was 25 or 26 in this picture

 The last two pictures were gifted from my sister, she purchased them from Target about a year ago.  Unfortunately these signs no longer seem to be available, but you can check out an array of fun statement artwork here –>|HERO|T:Template B-DVM|C:CMS&intc=1552081|null

20140711_085113 (1)20140711_085106

Last but not least, I added my bamboo plant (I have three stalks going strong, I’ve had them for more than 3 years) in a glass vase – both purchased from IKEA.  Instead of using rocks I chose to jelly balls (turquoise and electric blue) as a vase filler to add a pop of color.  On the plant you will notice beads – they were gifted from my best friend (she gave them to me a souvenir when she visited New Orleans.  I added them to the plant because they matched the jelly balls perfectly.

Lucky Bamboo Plant –> (spiral, $2.99 – & straight, $1.99 –

Glass Vase –> IKEA REKTANGEL, $4.99 –

Vase filler (jelly balls) –>


Now that you’ve seen the individual pieces now you can see how I put them all together.  I’m pleased with the simple yet colorful display of art that showcases my personality.  What do you think?

From drab to fab!

Until next time friends!

Pennie Penz




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