The Panties

“I just want you to relax, ease into it” – The Panties, Mos Def

The racy lacy thong.  The audacious crotchless undies. The not-so-sexy-but-very-necessary “period” panty.  The barely there G-string.  The demure bikini cut panty. The “boy short”.  The “tanga”.  What’s your style on most days?

What's your style?
What’s your style?

I personally rock bikini cut and thongs on most days, because I like the comfort of the bikini panty and I like the sex appeal (and lack of a panty line) the thong affords me when I wear them. For the most part I can say that I’m proud of my underwear collection – I have an array of colors, materials, and patterns.  However, I did say “for the most part” right?  I have to hang my head in shame as I rummage through my panty draw when I’m approaching laundry day.  I straight pulled out a pair of fluorescent yellow boy shorts (from Victoria Secret, courtesy of my mama and you know most mamas are NOT in the business of buying their daughters sexy underwear because to them they think their daughters are still virgins and no one should be looking at them in underwear in the first place) with “H O T B U N S” in black lettering on the butt of the panty.  I know my mom meant well when she purchased the 3 for $25 deal from said lingerie store, but what the hell was my mother thinking?

Even though those panties are old and the opposite of sexy, I love them; they’re comfortable and they have sentimental value.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in them by a man because – well because they look like something a pre-teen would wear and I’m a grown ass woman.  Speaking of a man seeing me in my panties (you like that segway right) I’ve reached that point with a certain someone that I’ve been blogging about.

No point in pointing out the obvious because if you’ve been reading my posts you already know whom I speak of.  I’m at the point where that special person in my life (you know the the “special one” that I speak of right? The one that you allow to see you after a certain hour – in your place (or his) – in the dark (or by candlelight) – in bed – all greased up and shiny – on your back – in your panties – before he strips you bucked naked) and I have taken it “there”.

The first time I was seen in my “skivvies” I did what most women do, I made sure they were sexy and alluring.  The problem that I now face is how long can one keep the facade up (the façade of an unlimited amount of sexy panties) before the jig is up?  I want to know at what point you just stop giving a damn and start wearing Hanes her way under your cute dress or tight jeans AND don’t give a damn if your special someone sees you in them?

Its funny how when we women get incredibly comfortable and lazy when we aren’t dating someone.  This goes for the shaving of the legs, the cleanliness of your apartment, and the upkeep of your hair “down there” – but now that I think of it, that’s an entirely different topic that I will elaborate on in the near future. I digress, back to what I was saying – getting incredibly comfortable.  I know I am not the only woman that wears panties she has no business in when she isn’t involved with someone sexually.

I have a girlfriend that has informed me that her big sis (whom she affectionately refers to as “the rat”) is more than proud to rock rainbow, animal (and I’m not talking cheetah or zebra – I’m talking cows and giraffes and shit on her panties), and shooting star print panties that she purchases from Rite Aid.  The aforementioned panties aren’t just for that time of the month either – these get love and heavy rotation any day of the month.  Are you guilty of wearing some less than sexy, downright tacky panties?

I’m at the point where I’m trying to avoid being seen in my “hot buns” because I want to keep lie (I mean illusion) alive as long as possible.  This is getting expensive though, which I find to be incredibly wack by the way.  Its wack that panties (& bras might I add) cost the same amount of money for “slim Jim” physiques, as they do for “thick” (or my  category, “Thim Slick” – a play on “Slim Thick) women.  This means if you have an ass so big it’s disrespectful (praying that my squat life gets me there one day dammit) or a derriere so tiny it’s defined as “nasatall” (click here for a definition –> that you’re going to pay the same amount of money for a pair of panties in Victoria Secret or whatever lingerie store you frequent.

So again I ask, when do just start going in the reserves and wearing the panties that you wore when you were on your single girl ish?


Until next time friends!

~ Pennie Penz


8 thoughts on “The Panties

  1. Girl, men aren’t so much focused on the type of panty as they are with the general elation of seeing you in your panties because its the prelude to ehhhh…. that thang.

  2. He won’t remember what your panties look like! Wear the same ones or none at all. If there’s good stuff inside the panties….he won’t remember.

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