10 Sailor Moon GIFs That Apply to Your Relationship

“Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight.  Never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon…” – Sailor Moon Theme Song

Don’t front, you know I got you open!  Who didn’t grow up in love with this theme song and cartoon?  I used to wake up an extra half hour early during the week before school to watch Sailor Moon.  This speaks volumes because I woke up early AND I’m not a morning person.  I don’t know why this song popped in my head, but it did and I thought about how animated (I know she was a cartoon, but Sailor Moon was OD animated with her facial expressions) she was.   I swear she was a Sag like me, because she was emotional, temperamental, a hopeless romantic, fun, and the leader of her crew.

My thoughts led me to the internet and BOOM, I found these GIF’s.  I thought they applied fittingly to every woman’s relationship with their significant other.


 (1) The move you make when you look in the mirror and see how dope you look in your new lingerie for your beau.

(2) The move you do over your man after you’ve just put it DOWN! #BawseStance

(3) Not to be undone, your man has to return the favor.  The move you do after you’ve just had a phenomenal orgasm.

(4) When you had unprotected sex, forgot to take your birth control pill, but your period comes on time anyway (notice the red dots).

(5) When you go through your man’s phone (not that I condone this) and you notice that he’s been texting a random heaux for several weeks.  You ask him for an explanation.  Before he answers, you tell him, “If you lie….”

(6) The move you do when you walk into a spot with your man, separate from him to use the ladies’ room – only to come back and find a woman getting a little too friendly…

(7) When your babe shows up at your place with a surprise gift (shoes, bag, a plane ticket, hell a car – that’s a real gift).

(8) When you man asks you what size diamond you’d like in your engagement ring.  You hold out your hands and be like…

(9) The look you give your man when he’s proposing to you with the diamond ^^^ that you wanted.

(10) At the alter saying your I Do’s

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgic moment!


Until Next Time Friends!



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