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No Bar Hurricane

After feasting on Thanksgiving dinner and two days of glorious leftovers I’d had my full.  Three consecutive days of dressing/stuffing, candied yams, turkey, macaroni & cheese, collard greens, green beans, oxtail, rice & peas, banana pudding, chocolate cake, and cheesecake  (damn, my Thanksgiving spread was delicious) was enough.  My girlfriends and I decided to venture out of our homes and away from our families to check out a quaint neighborhood restaurant that’s been on our radar for the past few months.  NoBar BKNY  (Instagram: @NoBarBrooklyn / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoBarBKNY/app_205205622890888) is located at 608 Nostrand Avenue (between Atlantic & Pacific) is in the Crown Height’s section of Brooklyn, NY.

No Bar prides itself on providing their patrons with “a taste of New Orleans in the heart of Brooklyn” – thus the “NO” in NoBar Brooklyn.

My friends (fellow foodies) and I took advantage of the warm end of November weather and met up at NoBar for brunch.  We also figured that this restaurant would be a good feature for our food focused Instagram account @LipstickLunchbox, where we feature local and international cuisine.  So far we’ve featured cuisine from NY (Buffalo, NYC, Long Island, and Brooklyn), Canada, Europe (Germany, London & Amsterdam), Jamaica, W.I. (Kingston, Negril, & Ocho Rios), and Southeast Asia (Thailand & Cambodia).  We are in the works of creating a blog to compliment this Instragram account, stay tuned!

The Ladies of Lipstick Lunchbox: Me (Ms. Haute Pink – the wild & adventurous palate), Madame Rouge (the classic, attention to detail palate), and Mz. Green Tea (the healthy, vegetarian/vegan palate)

I was the last to arrive (via cab) to the restaurant almost whizzed by it in the car.  Why?  Because NoBar lacks curb appeal.  While there is a chalkboard sign outside and a chocolate brown awning atop the entrance to the restaurant, it is easy to walk by because it effortlessly blends into the block.  Keep this in mind when you visit or else you may walk or drive by it as well.

I opened the door to look for my friends and quickly saw them seated against the wall, seated in a church pew turned bench.  I greeted them with hugs and kisses and immediately looked at the menu – I needed an entree and cocktail stat!

Within a matter of minutes our server came to our table and gave me a cold glass of water in a mason jar.  I was literally starving (it was almost 3:00 pm and I hadn’t eaten for the day yet, mind you I woke up around 1:00 pm), I stopped looking at the menu and asked the server what  he suggested.  Without hesitation he advised me to order the Chicken & Waffles entree because it would fill me up – so that’s what I ordered.  To compliment my dish, I ordered the “No Bar Hurricane” (featured in the picture above was comprised of Bacardi Superior, Bacardi 151, OJ, pineapple juice, grenadine, and simple syrup) – I wanted something potent, fruity and big (after all I was catching up to my friends, they were already one drink in) and this kick-ass cocktail delivered.

Within minutes my entree arrived hot and fresh, just the way I like my brunch!  My meal was delicious –  the waffle was moist (I HATE using this word because it sounds so gross, but its necessary for the description) and incredibly soft.  It was drizzled in a delicious bourbon caramel sauce (I didn’t even need my syrup) and topped with very light and airy whipped cream and a juicy sweet strawberry.  The chicken, can I talk about the chicken? It was seasoned to perfection and fried to a superb crisp – it locked in the juiciness.  Even though I was starving I wasn’t able to finish the entree because it was incredibly filling.  Keep this in mind when you visit.

Chicken & Waffles: Deep fried chicken breast, Belgium waffle with bourbon caramel sauce, whipped cream & strawberries

Now that I was fed and satisfied I began to take in the ambiance of the restaurant.  What I liked the most about NoBar is the vibe – you feel at home there.  The energy is unpretentious, chill, and rustic.  The chalkboard paint (with writings in chalk) on the wall, the big screen TV, intentional mismatch furniture, large bar, ambient lighting, and instruments (drums, guitars, keyboard – they play live music here on certain nights) all worked cohesively.

Specialty drinks and beers are on display via the chalkboard wall perpendicular to the bar
The Bar

The workers of NoBar matched the ambiance; they too were extremely chill and down to earth.  Our server, John Paul, wasn’t just the server, he was also NoBar’s hilarious, attentive, and happy-go-lucky manager.  He catered to our table without making us feel like we’d overstayed our welcome.  John Paul cracked jokes with us, took pictures of/with us, and joined us in our crazy shenanigans.  One of the highlights of the afternoon was when he surprised us with a round of refreshing complimentary cocktails – Red berry Ciroc, muddled strawberries & mint, and champagne.

John Paul seated with Mz. GreenTea & Madame Rouge
John Paul with the complimentary cocktails that he mixed up for us
John Paul with the complimentary cocktails that he mixed up for us
John Paul & the ladies of Lipstick Lunchbox (hey open your eyes Madame Rouge!)
John Paul & the ladies of Lipstick Lunchbox (hey open your eyes Madame Rouge!)

 As if the complimentary cocktails weren’t enough we received free dessert – compliments of the cute chef, Chef Christopher.  What made this dessert even better was that we each wanted a sweet treat to cap off our meal, but dessert wasn’t served until 5.  Chef Christopher asked us if we had any allergies, then proceeded to present us with this decadently light dessert within minutes.  Talk about VIP treatment and superb service!

Sweet Treat: Chef Christopher surprised my friends and I will a free dessert - pound cake from scratch, whipped cream, with dusted pecans and salted caramel
Sweet Treat: Chef Christopher surprised my friends and I will a free dessert – pound cake from scratch, whipped cream, with dusted pecans and salted caramel
The ever so smooth (and handsome), Chef Christopher, and the ladies of Lipstick Lunchbox

We spent the rest of our time at NoBar cracking jokes, taking pictures, dancing to the righteous “rachet” playlist (they must’ve known we were coming – ha), talking about my  recent trip, making plans for a group trip in 2015, Lipstick Lunchbox business, talking about life, my upcoming birthday plans,  and enjoying each other’s company.

Servin’ face!
Here I am using my charm to get “Photobomb” (he earned this name because he inadvertently wound up in our shots) out of the shot.  He wound up moving, sweetheart of a guy.
Laughter is good for the soul – candid shot of my friends enjoying a joke.
John Paul shows Chef Christopher some love – ha!

 All and all, NoBar was a GREAT experience!  I would highly recommend patronizing this bar whenever you’re in Crown Heights.  They’re easily accessible (via public transportation or car), conveniently located off of Atlantic Avenue, inexpensive, the food is delicious (I was too late to catch a shot of my friend’s entrees, but they swore by the fish & grits and french toast), and the service is fast and friendly.


Until Next Time Friends!

~Pennie Penz



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