UIB Eats: Aita

I don’t think anyone loves brunch more than I do.  Why? Because you’re able to eat like you’re morbidly obese and drink like a fish without anyone judging you.

I recently spent my favorite weekend pastime at a quaint Italian restaurant in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.  Aita (http://aitarestaurant.com/) (attached to the Mayflower bar) is a farm fresh restaurant with cool vibes, an impressive brunch menu, impeccable service, and delicious food.

I caught wind of this neighborhood restaurant while dining at one of my favorite neighborhood restaurant/lounges (click here to read my review –> https://unicorninbrooklyn.com/2014/02/17/uib-eats-rustik-tavern/).  Our waitress overheard my brunch companions and I talking about checking out other brunch spots in BK and she practically drooled about Aita.  The minute I heard “blueberry pancakes” I knew that I had to see if they were worth the hype.  They were.  My God, they were worth each and every utterance of the hype.  Before I start drooling myself, perhaps I should share my dining experience at Aita with you.

I was told that there is normally a wait to gain access to the restaurant AND bar on weekends because it’s a popular brunch destination – lucky for me I didn’t have that problem last Sunday.  The weather was overcast, but unseasonably warm (in the high 50’s) and the restaurant was relatively empty.  Upon entrance, my dining companion and I were greeted immediately and offered the option to dine at the (Mayflower) bar (inside Aita) or the option to wait a few minutes (outside or at the bar) for a table for two – we opted for the latter.

We visited the bar and enjoyed a round of bellinis (peach puree or peach schnapps and champagne – my favorite brunch cocktail. Aita’s bartender blended the ingredients perfectly.) while we waited about 10 minutes for a table.

I walked into Aita with every intention of ordering the blueberry pancakes that I heard about, but something else caught my eye, the eggs Benedict:

Smoked Pastrami Eggs Benedict ($12)- served with a fried green tomato, parmesan home fries, and fresh mix greens.

Lucky for me, the blueberry pancake option appealed to my dining companion so I was able to taste it:

Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes ($11) : served with ricotta-lemon cream, juicy fresh blueberries, and confection sugar.

Life.  With each bite I thanked God, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and Haile Selassie for my taste buds.  The smoked pastrami eggs Benedict was superb. The meal (parmesan home fries – fried to the perfect crisp (soft on the inside and golden brown on the outside), fresh mixed greens (with a subtle vinaigrette dressing), delicious smoked pastrami & eggs Benedict (with a sauce foreign to my tongue, but as delicious and delicate as manna from heaven), and the complimenting fried green tomato) put my life in perspective.  Life started to make sense.  The cohesiveness of the meal made me smile everytime I raised the fork to my lips.

Now the pillowy soft and uber light buttermilk blueberry pancakes – sigh.  I’m sighing because I don’t know if I can come up with a description vivid enough to do this dish justice.  I was a bit apprehensive before I took my first bite – there was a lot riding on this.  I didn’t want my expectations to be let down you know?  I decided to skip the maple syrup and try the pancakes in their naked glory.  I do not know the IQ of the (wo)man that thought to place whipped lemon ricotta cream on pancakes, but I’d like to nominate for a Mensa membership.  You have to be genius to think of something so delicious, decadent, yet not too filling and sweet.  The light cream was the perfect compliment to these pancakes (clearly prepared by God himself).

It was worth the hype.  Everything that I consumed at Aita was worth the hype and I will definitely be returning.  I advise you to get a dining companion, your girls, your boys, your mama, your daddy – hell go alone, just go!  The food is delicious, the restaurant is welcoming and warm, the service is great,  and the prices are pocket friendly.  Maybe I’ll see you there, just don’t judge me if you see me stuffing my face ;).


Until Next Time Friends!

~Pennie Penz


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