Single Girl Sh*t: 10 Tips to Get Through Valentine’s Day… Alone


For the last few weeks we’ve been bombarded by the color red, heart-shaped boxes of assorted chocolates, over-sized stuffed animals, heart-shaped jewelry, flowers, and love.  This can only mean one thing – Valentine’s Day is here again.

For some women this is a day to get your romance & sexy on with your significant other, but for some this is a dreaded day.  This over sensationalized day tends to shine a spotlight on your lackluster love life and makes some single girls feel inadequate, but you don’t have to.   There are plenty of things to do to get you through this day as a single chick – and I’ve composed a list just for you.

(1) Pamper Yourself 

Something as simple as a bomb ass gel manicure in a bright vibrant color can be just what the doctor ordered.  Go for that daring hot pink or that candy apple red color that you’ve been playing it too safe to try the last few times you went to the nail salon.  While you’re at it, indulge in a pedicure – not the basic one, but the spa pedicure (the one where they pour powder in the water that your feet are soaking in and makes it all gelatinous and shit).  Let your toes wiggle in the tub of gelatin and sit back on that massage chair.  As if that doesn’t sound heavenly enough, the extra long massage that the spa pedicure comes with makes the pedicure fee that much more worth it.  Lay your head back, close your eyes, and enjoy the relaxing foot rub.

If a visit to the nail salon isn’t your thing, I got you.  You can still pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home.  Why don’t you turn down the lights, light some scented candles (aromatherapy in this bitch) and draw yourself a bubble bath?  While in the bath, indulge in a glass of your favorite wine (my fave is Sauvignon Blanc) and zone out to your favorite mellow tunes.   If you don’t want to listen to music get your read on!  I suggest Americanah by Chiamanada Ngozi Adichie (On my radar to read this month) , Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert (currently reading this as well – so far so good), or Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (one of my favorite books).

(2) Get Your Flirt On 

If you’re feeling flirty, get your mingle on!  Grab a girlfriend and head out to a single’s event in your neighborhood. While a lot of these single’s events tend to be sausage-less, you may have some luck – after all there are still some hopeless romantic brothas (or vanilla dudes if you like a little cream in your coffee) out there.  Check out the following events going down in NYC and Brooklyn.

Paint & Sip @ Therapy Wine Bar in (Bed Stuy Brooklyn):

Valentine’s Day Single’s Party (in NYC)

V-Day Blackout Single’s Event in NYC (ladies that love ladies)

Heels & Ties – A Valentine’s Day Soiree for Singles & Couples (Brooklyn):

If the aforementioned parties aren’t your cup of tea (because you want to stay away from love-themed parties), you’re in luck.  This year Valentine’s Day falls on All-Star weekend. Perfect.  Go out with a girlfriend (or solo if that’s how you roll) and hit up a sports bar/lounge because that’s where all the SINGLE men will be.  Get cute and get your mack on.

(3) Veg Out (without Judgement) 

Indulge in your “singledom” and get your fat girl on in the comfort of your own crib without the judgment of a man. Mmmm, donuts (and other sweet treats)….. I just had a Homer Simpson moment, *drools*.

Go to Dunkin Donuts and get their special Valentine’s Day donuts (6 for $3.99) or head to your local bakery to indulge in your favorite sweet treat.  It’s OK to veg out for this day, but don’t go too crazy – you don’t want to consume too many empty calories because we all know where those go.

(4) Buy Your Own Damn Flowers

Who said you have to wait for a romantic interest to buy you flowers? Take advantage of the deals at 1-800-Flowers or and have your favorite flowers delivered to your place (or your job if you want to front like you have a blossoming romance, but in reality everyone knows that you’re as single as as dollar bill).

(5) Order In

All the restaurants will be packed anyway, so why not create a account and order a complete meal (appetizer, entree, and dessert) for yourself?  While you’re at it, don’t forget the wine – yes, you can have wine delivered to your place!  I haven’t indulged yet, but I hear Bed Vyne (in Bed Stuy) delivers.  Check out their site here:

(6) Make it NetFlix Night

Escape your reality and get caught up in a good movie via NetFlix, Red Box, or at the movie theater.  Some of my favorite feel good movies are Love Jones, The Holiday, Chef, In Her Shoes, and P.S. I Love You.  If you care to step out and visit your local movie theater, follow the masses and go see 50 Shades of Grey.

(7) Get Your Freak On

Check out one of my favorite naughty stores (founded by two women in the 90’s), Babeland.  This Valentine’s they will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Champagne Soiree at their Brooklyn location.  This store sells all kinds of kinky toys and offers workshops.  Check it out:

(8) Make a Vision Board


Get your creativity on!  Rummage through your old magazines for inspirational photos and cut them out.  What countries would you like to visit this year?  What passions do you want to explore? What are your weight loss goals? What kind of a man do you want as your life partner (think about more than just how he looks; focus on what’s important – how he treats you,  whether or not he has the traits that you’d want in the father of your children, how ambitious is he, how creative he is, how supportive he is, etc.)?

(9) Make a Candy List

Relish in the fact that all that love-themed chocolate shit will be marked down 30% and more in Walgreen’s, CVS, and Duane Reade.  Plot on which chocolate candies you want to purchase the day after Valentine’s Day.

(10) Go Thrifting

g cj

When all else fails thrifting always brings me joy!  What’s better than scoring one of a kind pieces at ridiculously low prices?  Some of my favorite thrift stores have been featured on my blog before:


Brand Hunters

David Owen’s Vintage Clothing


If you don’t want to take advantage of any of these tips, promise me one thing; promise me you WON’T PITY YOURSELF!  Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world; it doesn’t mean that you’ll be single forever.  The love that you’re seeking is seeking you and when he finds you he’ll make you forget about your lonely Valentine days.  In the meantime focus on your and enjoy being single!


Until Next Time Friends!

~Pennie Penz



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