UIB Eats: Well Damn, I Need Patti’s Sweet Potato Pie TOO!


I must share the video that had me in tears at 5:48 am this morning.  I couldn’t sleep so I went to FB for entertainment.  The first picture that I saw was of a FB friend talmbout how good Patti’s LaBelle’s Sweet Potato pie was and how she purchased said pie because of a video she’d saw.  She basically stated that the video made these pies sound like the next best thing since “chicken met fried” (I hollered at that comparison).  I had no idea what video she was talking about so I went to YouTube and honey…. I have been cracking up ever since.

The tears. All of the tears on planet earth are coming out of my eyes right now. This man’s passion and love for Patti LaBelle and her pie have me crying and salivating at the same damn time!

I want Patti’s sweet potato pies, ALL OF THEM (even if they are sealed with Gorilla glue, LMAO).  I want all of the “On my own, why did it end this way” pies and I do not want to share.  Between his voice, his humor, and his love of Patti and her pies I am done.   Walmart better cut this Queen a check right after Patti makes him her spokesman!

You want some pie too? You betta get yo’ life and enter his raffle or go to Walmart!  LOL




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