UIB Eats: Alma Restaurant

Plantains with sesame seeds and a tangy mole sauce

I seldom venture out to the Red Hook section of Brooklyn (unless I’m going to IKEA to buy things for my apartment).   However, I made my way there last week for an engagement party that I was invited to (I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that attending an engagement party alone was a rather interesting experience.  Who would think that you could get your mack on so heavy? I’ll elaborate in a future Single Girl Sh*t post).  Anyway, I digress.  The venue, Alma Restaurant (http://almarestaurant.com/), is a 4-level restaurant with fantastic Mexican cuisine that offers a dope panoramic view of the city.

Being that I live in Bed Stuy I didn’t expect the commute to be too bad via public transportation (because in my mind, Bed Stuy is in the middle of everything), but I was wrong.  The trek took me almost 1.5 hours! After exiting the train station I has to walk about 20 minutes in my cot damn heels to get to the restaurant.  Let this be a lesson to you – when you visit Alma, either drive or take a taxi.

Now where was I?  Yes…. I made it to Alma (with aching feet) approximately 45 minutes after festivities began to the party being held on the rooftop (there’s rooftop access all year long – in the colder months they close it off with what appeared to be plexi-glass partitions and provide heating to ensure their patrons are nice and cozy).  What I liked the most about this level was the abundant sunlight from all corners of the room,  the decor (a lot of wooden elements; the bar, the tables, and the hardwood floors (which was weathered (providing character) but still very much in tact), and the privacy (the entire rooftop was closed off so patrons wouldn’t disturb the party).

I almost missed the appetizers, but was able to grab a little of the homemade guac (one of the THE best that I’ve ever had… in my life) & tortilla chips and chicken chiquitos (also very good).  After about two pomegranate mimosas (one of Alma’s specialty drinks) the main entrees started to arrive.   My nipples actually got hard (good food makes my body involuntarily react, what can I say?) – thank God for good bras.

I sat at a table with 7 other individuals and enjoyed a family style lunch of: Chicken, Steak, and Grilled Vegetable (cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini) Fajitas (served with piping hot corn tortillas, fresh guac, pico de gallo, sauteed veggies, and queso), Plantains (pictured above), Re-fried beans, and Rice w/cheese.

Left: Pollo Fajitas – Grilled chicken breast served with roasted onions and peppers with an avocate sauce. Right: Grilled Vegetable Fajitas – Seasoned grilled vegetables
Steak Fajita: Premium angus marinated skirt steak, grilled & served with salsa avocate, and pico de gallo
Arroz con queso
Arroz con queso

Everything was as delicious as it looks.  EVERY. SINGLE. THING.  The meat was extremely well seasoned and tender (no knives needed), the vegetable were so damn good (especially the cauliflower – OMG), the plantains were different (while I found them to be good, I didn’t care for the mole sauce too much.  It was kind of spicy and the plantains were sweet – so the contrast was rather unexpected to my taste buds).  The rice (or arroz con queso) – JESUS CHRIST, the arroz con queso was made with crack.  There is NO way that rice with cheese and corn should be this effing delicious.  Even though two bowls were served to the table by the friendly waitress, I pretty much commandeered one of them and had my way with it.  Unlike everything else on the menu I’d never had this dish.  The appearance immediately enticed me appetite, but I didn’t know what to expect when I took my first spoonful.  Would it be spicy?  Would it be too cheesy? Would it be mushy?  No to all.  It was the perfect texture with the perfect amount of seasoning and cheese (not too overwhelming).

While I touched on the refried beans above, I failed to snap a picture of it because let’s face it – re-fried beans kind of look like _ _ _ _. LOL, am I lying?  I will say this, they were good and they went nicely with the array of fajitas our table was served with.

In addition to enjoying a delicious meal the party featured three cocktails (made by the private bartender on the roof): Pomegranate mimosas (me personal favorite – served with an orange wedge), red sangria (which I didn’t care for at all – it was very watered down and a bit on the tart side (I like my sangria somewhat sweet), and margaritas (the strongest option of the three and a crowd favorite).

All and all the afternoon was very enjoyable because of the food, drinks, ambiance, and of course the joyous occasion.  I will DEFINITELY be returning to Alma and soon – because the restaurant would make a good brunch, date, birthday celebration destination.


~Pennie Penz



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