Pennie Penz
Brooklyn, NY

Bio: I'm a true 80's baby (born in the early 80's). Born and raised in Queens NY, currently residing in the Bedford-Stuyvesant (aka Bed Stuy aka The Stuy) section of Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn's eclectic, funky, and warm energy drew me in in the early 2010's so I moved here in Spring 2013. While here I take pride in immersing myself in my Bed Stuy neighborhood (a few blocks from my father's childhood home). I specifically chose Bed Stuy because of the gorgeous brownstones and sense of community - in short, it feels like home. I am a Lifestyle blogger and your "homegirl" in your head. I candidly write about dating in NYC, thrifting (one of my favorite hobbies - it's all about mixing expensive pieces with inexpensive vintage ones), my travels (both domestic & international), restaurant reviews (Brooklyn centric spots), DIY projects, and other entertaining unicorn sh*t. I promise to keep it as informative and humorous as possible. Ten Random Facts About Me: (1) I am the middle child; Two older brothers, one younger sister. (2) As outgoing, free-spirited, and adventurous as I am, I'm actually a HUGE introvert. I'm not shy (AT ALL), I just don't like being the center of attention. I hate small talk about asinine things (aka "water cooler" conversation), but I love deep intellectual conversations about life. I'd rather be home with close friends, good food, and wine, than be out in a large crowd of acquaintances. (3) I get the heebeegeebeez when I think about wet gremlins. Remember when they got wet and those bubbles formed on their bodies - *shudders*. (4) I used to suck my thumb and wore braces to correct my buck teeth. (5) I actually enjoy public speaking (unlike most people). (6) I think I have a mild form of OCD. When turning the volume up or down on any electronic device, the number must always end with a "0" or "5" or I feel uneasy. (7) I am VERY afraid of cats. I don't trust them or their sinister ways. (8) I have a weird photographic memory tied to clothing. I can recall what I wore or what someone around me wore months or even years ago, down to the most minute details (i.e. the color belt or nail polish they had on). (9) I'm extremely creative; home decor, painting, styling, drawing, you get my drift. (10) Talenti "Toasted Almond Crunch" is frozen crack and I am a crackhead. Social Media: Instagram: @Unicorninbrooklyn - (Best way to find me) Twitter:@PenniePenz Facebook: Facebook.com/unicorninbrooklyn XO, Pennie Penz

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  1. Awesome blog give us all that good to know tips from Brooklyn. and thanx for the coolest comment at my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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